Our common Results and Outcomes

No. Description
1 Project website for communication within the partnership and for offering an input option for educational examples.
2 e-Manual of the best practices and results of pilot-projects in regards to learning based on 'training on the job' in the targeted fields.
3 e-Guidelines for mentoring and guidance of the learning process on training on the job.
4 e-Manual of qualitative standards for assessment of the learning process on training on the job.
5 Recommendations on 'building sustainable networks between workplace and educational institutions'.
6 e-Guidelines and criteria of qualitative standards for integration in the curricula and study plans of the job-embedded learning process.

Manual of the Partnership -Collected Results
This Manual contains all documents, which have been elaborated by the partners during the 2-years-partnership. I provides best pratcice criteria and recommendations on mentoring, assessing, networking
Manual_Best practice_all_topics.pdf
PDF-Dokument [601.8 KB]
Manual about Best Practice Criteria in "Learning on the job"
This Manual has been developed by all partners after having had some intense discussions about how to differ between good and best practice.
Manual_Best practice criteria.pdf
PDF-Dokument [408.6 KB]
Profile of a Mentor
In this document you will find an elaborate profile of a person, who is guiding/mentoring students "on the job".
PDF-Dokument [156.8 KB]
Standards of Assessment
This document describes a well-functioning assessment process.
PDF-Dokument [335.3 KB]
Building up a good network
This documents provides recommendations on how to build up a sustainable network to ensure constant building-up of knowledge and vivid exchange with other organisations.
Building up a good network_final_version[...]
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Integration of new methods into the curriculum
At the end of the partnership partners discussed ways, how to integrate the newly gained knowledge and the results of this partnership in their curricula. This document describes all the important ste
Standards and criteria – how to integrat[...]
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Manual for best practices of on the job learning
This manual provides a summary of the partner organisations regarding all the aspects of on the job learning. A beginning of criteria to identify best practices has been integrated.
manual best practices.pdf
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