Schedule of Partner Meetings


27.10. - 30.10. 2010: 1st Network Meeting in Belgium/Turnhout


05.05. - 08.05. 2011: 2nd Network Meeting in Spain/Torrelavega


24.10. - 29.10. 2011: 3rd Network Meeting in Slovenia/Ljubljana


15.02. - 19.02. 2012: 4th Network Meeting in Austria/Vienna


02.07. - 07.07. 2012: 5th Network Meeting in Bulgaria/Sofia

List of Study Visits




Study Visits


local & national partners of HIVSET

  • National coordinator of kindergartens
  • General Hospital Turnhout
  • Center for elderly care  

  • local hospital in Torrelavega (Sierrallana Hospital)
  • Fundación Asilo Nursery School (kindergarten and school of less than two year old children)

  • Learning centre in University Medical Centre Ljubljana 
  • Jelka kindergartens

  • BAKIP 21 (secondary higher vocational school for kindergarten teachers/educators, training kindergarten, research atelier)
  • Elderly/geriatric caring centre “Caritas Socialis Pflegezentrum am Rennweg”  
  • “Tokuda Hospis” and the department of Pediatrics 
  • Center for children suffering from autism “Tacitus”
  • Kindergarten in Sofia

List of VET Seminars

Country Topic of VET-Seminar
Belgium: ICT (Information & Communication Technologies) & "Learning on the job"
Spain: Mentoring & Guidance of "Learning on the job"
Slovenia:  Assessment of the learning process based on "Learning on the job"
Austria:  Sustainable networks between workplace and educational institutions
Bulgaria:  Evaluation as an opportunity to learn