HIVSET - Hoger Instituut voor Verpleegkunde Sint-Elisabeth Turnhout (Belgium / Co-ordinator)


The social sector (and especially nursing) itself is considered by national and European policy makers as a sector at risk: a crucial lack of skilled workers and a high .... more

BAPD - Bulgarian Association for Patients´ Defense (Bulgaria)


The main activity of The Bulgarian Association for Patients’ Defence (BAPD) is to activate the participation of members, citizens and patients in the Bulgarian Healthcare ... more

IES - Manuel Gutiérrez Aragón (Spain)


Our Secondary School (IES) MANUEL GUTIERREZ ARAGÓN has been offering Vocational Training for more than 15 years.
Our school offers ... more

JELKA - Vrtec JELKA (Slovenia)


Kindergarten Jelka – VRTEC JELKA is public preschool upbringing educational organization with primary goal to provide and to take care of child’s foundational needs and wellbeing. We offer opportunities ... more

UBW - UBW Unternehmensberatung Wagenhofer GmbH (Austria)


The UBW Unternehmensberatung Wagenhofer offers innovative services in the sector of management consulting and training to costumers ... more