The project team of JOEL - Job embedded learning in social profit welcomes you to our project webssite.

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The partnership is focused on the integration of 'on the job learning' in nursing and care for child, elderly and adults. Job-embedded learning will be analysed in all the dimensions of learning on the job: formal & non-formal, guidance, mentoring, assessment of the learning process, quality and standards. We will take into account the differences between cultures, values, gender, financial and educational contexts and generations while analysing.

The partnership will collect best practices and pilot-projects on job-embedded learning by the partners in in the participating countries and in the EU. As a common result of the network learning, we will develop educational instruments,
guidelines for mentoring and qualitative standards for assessment of job-embedded learning and for integration in the learning curricula of the participating organisations. The learning in the partnership will be enriched by the different context and origin of the participating organisations: educational institutions as well as organisations for child care, management counseling organisations and organisations for patients defence. Different cultural regions form the EU are on board and while hosting the multilateral network meetings this factor will support the clear and enriching picture of the European dimension of job-embedded learning. We expect this project to result in changes towards a better guidance of young people to employment and lifelong learning in the social profit.

Organisations, and European projects in particular, are complex entities, combining different aspects and various actors. Their development may differ according to specific changes in the regional or institutional context. That is why 'self evaluation' is put forward in this project as an evaluating context.

Study Visit at the hospital in Ljubljana

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5 Partners have been directly involved in this partnership. We also cooperated with several so-called "silent partners" by visiting various institutions in the 3 fields such as hospitals, kindergartens, homes for the elderly, geriatric centres, or a private institute for autistic children. These study visits included presentations, lectures and specialist talks and have been an important part of each partner meeting.


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Study Visit at the nursery school in Turnhout

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In the European partner countries are varying educational systems of child-, health- and eldery-care established. We found out that especially regarding Job-embbeded learning there are some major differences. But we came across clear systemic differences even within a country.


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